Buffalo Wings, Impulsiveness, & Your Relationship

Occasionally we do things in the spur of the moment only to regret them afterward…

That was the case the day I decided to break a three-day fast by eating hot Buffalo wings and fries. Now when I fast, I don’t eat and occasionally, I go without liquids too. I think this fast was a combination, but needless to say, I was empty when I devoured that first spicy bite.

Words do not exist to describe the after effects of this decision. It hurt going in and well, you know….

Working with couples, I’ve seen this many times–not the wings, but the impulsive statements or stupid actions that hurt for a long time afterwards. Whether you’re guilty of doing/saying something rash or you’re the recipient of these things–I’d like to offer you hope.

If you just ride it though, the pain will subside.

I know that sounds trite, but what I’ve noticed over the years is that the biggest problem for couples when one of them does something dumb is that they start to believe that they’ve now, “fallen out of love” and nothing will ever be the same.

That’s just not true.

If you continue to do the things God instructs you do to in passages like Ephesians 5:21-33, time WILL heal–the pain will pass–and your feelings will return. It’s true…I promise.

Even acid-producing, burning hot wings eventually leave and their after effects cease…

So hang in there, pray…and believe!


To that end,

Pastor Joel



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