Having a Sense of Humor in Relationships

I worked for a small consulting firm in NJ right after I graduated from college. One of my coworkers, T. David Cole, was the ultimate prankster. He was brilliant—and very creative.

His repertoire included things like cellophane wrap on the toilet, Vaseline on the toilet seat, Vaseline on the ear piece of the phone, rubber band attacks, and more. One of his favorites was to leave a phone line off the hook until the annoying, “blaaat-blaaat-blaaat-blaaat” signal came on.

He would then put the phone on hold and buzz one of the other consultants. When the consultant picked up, he’d say, “Hey there’s a Jewish guy on line 3 for you. I think his name was Meyer Hertz.”

You got it—you pick up line 3 and yes—“Ow—My Ear Hurts!”

Funny guy….

Humor in Relationships

But as a newly married man, I think T. David really helped me. I took his fun-loving, prankster attitude and applied it to our marriage. I played tricks on my wife and she on me. We laughed and loved all the more.

Once, when she worked at Chemlawn, in customer service, I called her and with a fake voice said,  “Hello…is this Chemlawn?”

“Yes,” she said in her professionally-trained CSR voice, “how can I help you today?”

“You poisoned Foo-fie,” I said.

“Oh sir,” she assured me, “Chemlawn uses only environmentally-safe and tested materials. I’m sure we didn’t hurt Foofie.”

“You’re right,” I said, “You didn’t hurt him…you KILLED him. Foofie’s dead!” (I started crying).

“Oh, I’m so sorry Sir,” Karen consoled me, “but I’m sure it must have been another cause.”

I continued crying and blubbering, “He’s dead…he’s dead…”

“So was Foofie a poodle?” Karen asked.

“No,” I replied.

“Was he a Kitty?” she asked.

“No” I replied.

“Well what kind of animal was Foofie?”

“My pet Rhino” I sobbed.

“You had a pet Rhinocerous?” She blurted out…”Joel Rissinger—is that you?  You are so dead? I hope you can get a room at the Zoo with Foofie because you’re not sleeping at hom e tonight baby!”

25 years of therapy and she’s almost over it….

Seriously though, we’ve laughed over these things for years and our humor and playful teasing has brought us closer together. We recently did a radio program together and people loved the rapport. You can listen to it by clicking HERE.

Leisure Time…Play Time

So, my advice for all couples is simple–play more, laugh more, joke more, playfully tease more–just have fun!

When I do Prepare-Enrich counseling, I make a big deal about finding interesting leisure activities. I encourage couples to make a list of things they’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t tried and then commit to trying some of those together. The goal is to build fun memories and perhaps even find a hobby you can enjoy as a couple.

So laugh–enjoy–and watch your love grow!

To that end,

Pastor Joel

2 thoughts on “Having a Sense of Humor in Relationships”

  1. Tonya and I visited Augie & Rays a local eatery in East Hartford
    after enjoying time at Protectors of Animals in Glastonbury, at
    the door. It reads push, Stupid me blurts out Push, then decides
    to pull instead of push.

    She broke out in total laughter, me? not so amused at the time
    but later realized. Idiot alert!! Having realized this, I now look
    back even at the time and laugh, Boy those were great days how
    I miss them so

    1. Hey Mike–I know it’s hard when a relationship ends that you hoped would be “for life.” Still, My prayer is that you’ll take what you learned and use it to find and cherish future relationships. I believe blessings will follow! To that end, PJ

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