How to Work On Your Marriage

From time to time, I’m asked about how to work on marriage, that is, to make a marriage stronger–more stable and healthy. When ever I think about working on anything, I think of my father.

My Dad was a hard worker and a good man. He was often the first one up in the morning and the last one in bed. In the 70’s, he sold petroleum products plus nuts and bolts straight commission. Still, he earned around $40,000 a year doing it. For a guy selling to farmers with no college degree, etc.; that was and is pretty impressive.

Dad always saw himself in terms of his work and his ability to provide. Thus, full retirement with nothing to do was never a good thing. When, at age 77, he came to the place where he couldn’t work or drive any longer, it was over. He retired and had a party on a Tuesday, had a stroke on Thursday, and was dead by Sunday.

Work was important to Dad. In many ways, it defined him. He enjoyed it. It wasn’t drudgery or something he resented–it was what enriched his life.

Work Your Marriage

I think the key to working on marriage and making a marriage healthier is to see it in much the same way. It’s not exhausting labor or agonizing, stressful effort. Rather, the effort to serve and express love to one another is what defines us. It’s enriching–even fun. I’m not suggesting it’s easy, just as it wasn’t easy for my Dad. What I AM suggesting is that it’s worth it and, we can learn to enjoy the journey as we do it.

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Pastor Joel

1 thought on “How to Work On Your Marriage”

  1. I agree with what you are saying here. Marriage is a tough road to hoe! certainly, Not for those who seek to just run away, when the times get tough! I know of 1 such situation within my own family
    who have been torn to shreds because of this

    My cousin – Hard working, excellent father, fell in love married a divorced woman and had 2 awesome kids. The marriage had become strained, He wanted to work on it! She didn’t, and it
    is now taking its toll not just on 1. Everyone is now entangled in this mess. The eldest daughter
    at an early age began acting/dressing like a boy. Now at 14, wants to be identified as a boy has
    changed her name, Even wants to start taking hormones, to begin the transformation process
    to become a male. My cousin no longer has anything to do with his family. Not even with his
    own Mother, who he should be in contact with, The mother is thinking of selling her house to
    get away, Her mother lives with her, suffering from memory loss at age 101, Her brother does
    not have anything to do with her or the mother. Leaves it up to my cousin to handle it all on
    her own

    All this, Over failure to communicate and a coward way out

    what a shame how things have to end over matters so dumb

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