Just Quit!

No matter what you’re struggling with, marriage issues, job problems, friends or a church leader giving you grief–whatever it is, I have two simple words for you:


That’s right–quit! I know you don’t expect this, but still, I believe it’s true. You need to quit…you just need to:

  1. Quit–complaining. Even if your complaints about your situation are true and understandable, they do you NO good. They won’t change anything and they won’t help. Just quit. All complaints do is drive others away when you need them the most.
  2. Quit–justifying. Like complaints, justifications for failure, loss, or even the sins of others committed against you are fruitless and pointless. I’ve heard victims of abuse justify their abusers actions. Crazy? Yes, but somewhat normal. Does it help us? Not at all. So…just quit!
  3. Quit–comparing. Let me put your mind at east. There are and there will ALWAYS be people who are better off than you are. This is, at least in part, why scripture tells us that comparing ourselves is unwise (2 Cor. 10:12). It’s a waste of time.
  4. Quit–reveling. Pigs love slop. But here’s a revelation–you’re not a pig (even if you’re not known for tidiness). You’re a child of God. Thus, you do yourself a disservice if you revel in your pain, your loss, your failure, your conflicts, etc. Just quit!
  5. Quit–running. One thing I’ve noticed about problems is, like zombies, they are relentless–and they’re fast too. What I mean is, you can’t outrun them! So…running from them is silly. Don’t do it. Just quit!
  6. Quit–ignoring. Similar to #5, we forget that problems don’t usually just “go away.” They chase us, harass us, and attempt to devour us. We may not run, but sometimes we just pretend they’re don’t exist. It won’t work–so don’t do this…QUIT!
  7. Quit–blaming. Perhaps this is the most damaging and common response to problems. We blame our parents, our bosses, our government, our spouses…even God. There are times when some of those we folks have played a part in our problems. Still, the future, which God says is to be blessed, is NOT controlled by these folks. Blaming only takes away your free will and gives control to others. Don’t do it! Just Quit!

The answer to all problems is to own them, seek God’s direction through them (Proverbs 3:5-6), and then move on! If you’d like help with that–especially with a marriage/relationship issue, please contact us by calling 860-938-2725 or sending an email to office@rissingerrg.com.


Pastor Joel


2 thoughts on “Just Quit!”

  1. I can agree that complaining harboring ill feelings, the little green
    eyed monster of envy rearing it’s ugly head! can get old for people
    after a while. Especially when? They’ve heard the story a million
    times already.


    there needs to be compassion I find I grieve in many ways
    thru my sadness, then my anger, I can’t expect everyone to
    have the answers I am looking for! I know there are a select
    “few” who understand what I am going thru, while others
    have moved up the ladder. So what can I do? Sympathy is
    nice but I’m looking for answers. Granted I need straight
    in my face tell it like it is! if I’m not getting that..Then I
    can’t really say I am getting help overcoming my issues
    so that I can move on


    1. I think the best advice is to make a list with three parts:
      1. What can you learn from past relationships that didn’t work?
      2. What happened that wasn’t your fault and thus you can’t really learn from/change?
      3. What will you do to “move on” and start new, healthy relationships based on #1-2?

      Then, “Go for it!”

      May God bless that effort,

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