Know Thy Limitations

Over the years, I’ve had several “do-it-yourself” car repair disasters. Once,

I left all the nuts off the bolts in a rear tire on our old Buick. We miraculously drove it over 30 miles at up to 70 MPH without it falling off, but still—whew!

Then there was the time I removed the wrong bolt when trying to change my own oil or the time I tried to rust-proof my car by sticking my arm up inside the rusted door panel only making it worse…

You get the picture….

Now, when things break, my wife says, “Really honey—please don’t fix it—I like it better this way!”

I used to feel self-conscious about this. After all, my father-in-law can fix anything. He’s as handy as they come. My wife would comment about how they never had to worry about spending a ton of money on cars because Dad would fix them and keep them on the road–forever!

But now I’m at peace with the idea that I have other skills and some of them are fairly unique. I may not be able to fix my cars, but I can make money to pay someone else who knows what to do to free myself up to do the things I’m good at and the things I’m needed to do.

At Peace With Your Limits?

What about you?

Are you aware of your limitations and your strengths? More importantly, are you at peace with them? Coming to terms with this can be the KEY to success in life, in relationships, at work, even in your service to God.

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Pastor Joel

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