Losing Weight…Together!

Karen and I decided to pay $3,000 to lose weight. Sounds like a lot, but we figured that, compared to the cost of treatment for strokes or heart attacks—things we were statistically headed toward–$3,000 was a deal! Also, the emotional cost of being sick or hospitalized, would be FAR worse than other costs.

I won’t say it was easy, but ultimately, I lost 60 pounds and she lost more than 35. It was /is great, except that people think she’s my daughter.

The keys to this are simple:

  1. Eliminate sugar wherever possible. Use Stevia or go without with coffee, etc.
  2. Cut excess fats and focus on lean meat, vegetables, and lots of salad.
  3. Eliminate carbs because they turn-into sugar (thus see #1 above).

I’m glad we did it…and, I’d be happy to share details of the program we were in with anyone who’s interested.

The thing I’d like to emphasize is that we did it together. That’s huge. It’s amazing how powerful something couples do together can be. It’s not just that we help each other be successful. It’s not that we go to the gym together as a “cheap date,” (although it is). It’s the fact that you have this shared experience.

Face the Tough Stuff–Together!

We often think of shared experiences as positive things like a vacation. The truth is, some of the best ones are–not necessarily negative like an accident or tragedy–but things that are challenging.

I think this is why people tend to remember the vacations where the car broke down in the middle of the desert, etc. The challenge of it and how you “survived,” draws you together.

So, I’m not suggesting that you all need to lose weight (although most Americans DO), nor am I suggesting that you look for tough things to endure. What I AM encouraging is that you not run from the challenging things or try to “tough them out” solo. I think that when couples intentionally tackle things together–it can actually make them healthier and improve their relationship.

The Prepare-Enrich program has been an instrumental part of this process for many, many couples I’ve worked with. If you’d like to find out more, visit our RESOURCES page and click the appropriate links. You can also call me at 860-938-2725 to discuss this “live.”



Pastor Joel

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