Wedding Snafus!

One of the things I do to “comfort” couples preparing for marriage is to tell them all the horror stories of weddings I’ve done over the last quarter century.

In a weird way, it seems to help calm their nerves…

Engaged couples worry about a lot of things. Invitations, gifts for wedding party members, etc. I have written reviews of companies that do some of this work just BECAUSE it’s often such a big source of stress. (Click HERE for a review on DaySpring, a wonderful Christian supplier of such things). Of course they worry about logistics, personality conflicts among family members, etc.

So, again..telling my disaster stories seems therapeutic…

Like the time we were doing an outdoor, sunset wedding at a beautiful country club and one of the bridesmaids split her dress all the way down her back as she was putting it on. The other ladies jumped in to sew it for her, but by the time they fixed it and arrived at the club, the sun had already set. We lined up cars along the edge of the parking lot and did the wedding by headlight.

It all worked out well and the couple laughs about it to this day.

Then there was the time a bee crawled up under the brides’ veil from the back. People in the front row were signaling to me but I couldn’t understand them. Fortunately, the maid of honor saw the little creature and flicked him out of there with her finger. The bride never knew how close she came to an extra wedding-day surprise.

Monsoon Wedding?

Once, we arrived on the scene of an outdoor wedding that had turned into a flood zone. A monsoon had struck the city and the outdoor tent we were using was lying flat in the field with a pond forming in the middle of it. The father of the bride was hectically calling halls to find a back-up site. Most of the groom’s party wasn’t able to be there due to flight cancellations. In fact, he grabbed a guy from the audience to make him best man. After all, “the show must go on!”

It did–and the couple had a blast.

Another time, the bride was supposed to arrive in a horse-drawn carriage. Unfortunately, the road she was using to arrive “just in time” after the start of the procession became blocked by a truck stuck in the mud. I’ve never heard the wedding processional repeated so many times in one sitting…eventually, the carriage driver found a way around the tuck and the bride arrived unscathed, albeit a bit flustered.

But there’s good news!

You name it, from dropped rings to fainting groomsmen, I’ve seen it all.

But here’s the good news. Everyone survived. More than that, they thrived! Lessons were learned and all of the couples involved laughed about the glitches–storing them as humorous memories instead of painful disasters to forget.

Hmmm…perhaps there’s a lesson here for life in general…:)

Still, to learn more about options for wedding materials, gifts, clothes, invitations, and other items to help weddings flow smoothly; see our Resources page.

To that end,

Pastor Joel

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