What Have You Done For Me Lately?

I was a sales executive for Applied Data Research in my early to mid 20’s during the Regan era. I went from making barely enough to survive to a six figure income in my first year. At the end of 1987, I was over 300% of my quota and was asked to come to Princeton, NJ to speak to the new sales recruits. I loved it! I felt like a star…

Until I ran into my VP in the hallway. “What’s in the que?” He asked. “Er…ummm…well, I don’t have much yet,” I said, “I’ve been here since the start of the year doing these sessions for new salespeople.” “Well—let’s get moving,” he snapped. “I need numbers now!”

It was my first dose of “What have you done for me lately.” And, I didn’t like it.

Nobody likes feeling like their past efforts or accomplishments mean nothing. For married couples though, this story has two important messages or morals:

  1. Since we all hate being treated as if our past success is meaningless, we should make an effort to encourage our spouse by remembering and valuing those things. Celebrating accomplishments with special events or bringing them up at birthday or anniversary dinners is always a hit.
  2. As human beings constantly challenged to perform, we should avoid “resting on our laurels.” As much as I hated being pushed, it was good for me to avoid “basking in the glory” of my past year and get busy finding new business for myself and my company. Past wins may be good memories, but only constant and future diligence produces success. In marriage, this means that even a good marriage needs constant care, constant work toward improvement, constant prayer, etc.

So celebrate and remember victories in your life and your relationship. However, don’t let those create complacency–keep working to improve. The results will bless you…and your spouse!


To that end,

Pastor Joel

3 thoughts on “What Have You Done For Me Lately?”

  1. I hear what you are saying here PJ

    the value of “love” is wanting to vastly improve
    without it being pushed, as though? You’ve never
    been good enough to meet obligations/satisfactions
    that will only fall by the wayside

    excellent blog

  2. I love this pastor Joel, we need to celebrate and successes and ‘wins’ more often!

    In our own lives I think it’s about getting the balance right isn’t it between rejoicing over past accomplishments and press onto the next. It’s easy to think we’re ‘arrived’ but God has always got bigger and better things in store for us and we use our past experiences, our ‘spoils of war’ as the platform to move to the next level!

    This is great advice, a husband and wife should celebrate, encourage and be happy for one another.

    1. Thanks Simon. Yes–every little word of encouragement will do more good than ten words of criticism! If you want to read about a source of little ways to say thank you and to celebrate–check out my review of Dayspring. Blessings!

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