When Bad Times Produce Good Results…

Sometimes the bad news in life is really good–or, at least it produces good results.

I worked in the Product Marketing department for a systems software company in Princeton, NJ for a couple of years. I was hired to write product brochures, direct mail pieces, and more.

A few months after I started in that job, there was a reorganization in our department and one of my peers got promoted and became my manager. We had always got along well and so, at first, I thought this was a great thing.

I was wrong.

Soon after assuming her new role, Bev became insanely jealous of my friendship with her boss, the VP. He and I attended the same church and used to go jogging together, etc. She became obsessed with the idea that we were talking about her and that I was going to try to take over her job. Honestly, I didn’t want her job—hated the thought of it—still, she couldn’t get past this.

Despite my reassurances to her, she decided to make my work life a living hell. She started assigning other people to do the same tasks she had already given me. She cut me out of the loop in meetings where I would normally need to be involved in order to do my job. She was constantly critical and always irritated.

I almost quit. However, a position opened in the field and I grabbed it. I had wanted to be in sales and this was both my escape and my opportunity. Little did I realize that what seemed like a trial would lead to me more than quadrupling my income over the next 12 months.

When Bad News is Actually, Good!

What seemed like a loss turned into one the the greatest victories of my life.

Whatever you’re facing right now, keep in mind that God can and does

work all things for our good (Romans 8:28). If your relationship is struggling and you feel like a failure, remember that the lessons learned and the faith produced is priceless and may produce an amazing blessing.

Don’t quit! Keep moving forward. Keep believing. Your greatest victory may be right around the corner.

To that end,

Pastor Joel


5 thoughts on “When Bad Times Produce Good Results…”

  1. Pastor Joel, You have an inspiring testimony. I have a friend who went through a similar trial which ended a bit differently. The person who was her boss took credit for one of my friend’s ideas. The boss eventually lost her job because of some dishonest activity that involved her and another employee. In the meantime, my friend had been given a job in the field where she is much happier. The lesson that I see is that God takes care of His children that submit to His will. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  2. I have several people I can think of just on the one hand, who need to take this
    lesson to serious heart, they ran away like cowards, “Justified” it falsely by
    saying it wasn’t meant to be, Having never given it a real chance to grow at

  3. Pastor Joel, I can’t wait to read your latest book. It sounds as if there will be a lot of great Godly wisdom within its pages based on the short sample story. Just the kind of golden nuggets to share with other men, helping them along their spiritual journey. Prayers, blessings and favor over this new book. Your brother in the faith, David.

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